Saturday, 28 June 2014

Simple & Beachy OOTD ♥

Hey beauties!
Going to the beach means I need to be in something flowy & comfortable but I still want to look cute :P 
here's my outfit from my lazy Sunday at the beach:

Jumper: Glassons (Last year)
Shorts: Wildpair 
Shoes: Jandals (This is New Zealand what else would I wear to the beach..?)
Glasses: Mink Pink

Coffee & Apple Pie w/ cream *drools*

I thought these two pictures where hilarious! In the first one my white dog (Bella) & some one else's dog is having a stare down that lasted about 5 minutes before the other black dog decided it was time to play! Bella was shocked she didn't know what to do except run and hide behind my legs.. LOL

Lots of love, Danielle xx

First haircut in 4 years ♥

Hey lovelies, so I thought I'd share my experience getting my hair cut for the first time in 4 (maybe more) years!
I had been putting off getting my hair cut for so long because honestly I was terrified, I hate being put in situations like that because I'm a super quiet person & I over think things before they happen. I was telling myself things like "she's going to cut it to short & I won't be able to say anything." or "It's going to be awkward & I'll have to make small talk", these are the kind of things that freak me out! But I just decided to man up & do it! Honestly no regrets at all except I wish I had done it sooner!

after & before
If any of you are like me & feel anxious about things like this, all I can say is just do it, you will feel scared at first but afterwards it can feel like such a huge accomplishment & it is!

Also, here are some photos I took before a 21st this weekend, I wish I had used my camera to get some decent photos *slaps hand* bad blogger!

If you want a tutorial on my YouTube channel for this look let me know in the comments! It's a cut crease with bright silver on the lid (not that you can tell from my crap iPhone pictures -.-)

Lots of love, Danielle xx

Saturday, 21 June 2014

See what I've been up to recently!

I thought I'd post some pictures I have on my lappy from the year..enjoyyyy

These couple of pics were from Rhythm & Vines where we celebrated New Years!

My best friends 21st birthday

This is my brother Toby!

Some random times in town lol

Another 21st party!

Lots of love, Danielle xxx

Friday, 20 June 2014

Welcome to my blog!

Oh hey! Welcome to the first ever post on my first ever blog :O for my first post I thought I would just write a kind of "introduction to DanielleNZx".

For starters I have a YouTube channel which I post mainly beauty related videos on (I haven't uploaded in a month but I'm hoping to get back into it sooooon.)
If you haven't seen that & want to you can check it out here: DanielleNZx Youtube

I also have an instagram page which I use regularly,you can check that out here: DanielleNZx Instagram

Okay enough self promotion of my other social media's let's get into the introduction! ;)

Thought I'd just slip in a photo of myself here
So hi, my name is Danielle, I'm 21 and I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I am an administrator at a unitech and I am about to go back and study there! I have a huge passion for social media and the way it can connect people from all over the world with similar interests. I have always been pretty "internet savvy", as long as I can remember I have been slightly OBSESSED with the fact that it was possible to talk to people from places I have never been before and that there are other people around the world with interests the same as mine.

My first ever experience with this whole internet social media thing was when I was about 6 years old, our dial up had just been installed and what a coincidence I was "sick" from school that day (I was pretty good at faking sickness and such). I found a website called Neopets and I am sure many others out there know what I'm talking about, I loved the fact there were chat rooms and you could add friends and customise your home page thing.. I was HOOKED!

Enough of that, something else I am absolutely obsessed with is makeup and beauty! Shock horror, who isn't these days it seems right? I actually started obsessing over the fact I could totally create a work of art on my very own face about 3 years ago after randomly coming across a YouTube "getting ready with me" video by Shaaanxo (I'm sure you know who she is), so thanks for introducing me to another crazy social media world for me to delve into!

I'm so sorry if I've completely bored you :( If not stick around and you can expect more posts from me and I'm sure the quality is going to get better & better as I learn more about this blogging thing :)

Lots of love, Danielle xx